Nairi Kureghian, DDS 

Creating beautiful smiles since 1993

General Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth/Surgical Extraction

With our digital Panoramic X-Ray, we have the ability to surgically extract wisdom teeth that may even be vertically or horizontally impacted.  Root tips and other surgical extractions are routinely performed by Dr Nairi Kureghian.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment that can help save your teeth from extraction. This procedure is performed when the nerve and vessel in the interior of the tooth is injured or infected. Typically a cap is placed on the tooth after the root canal to save the tooth back to function


Many people are grinding their teeth while sleeping. This causes excessive wear on teeth and contributes to cavities and cracks, jaw pain and headaches. We can protect your teeth, jaw muscles and joints with a nightguard. Call for relief of your TMJ pain and headaches. We fabricate sportguard to prevent contact sport injuries, by protecting your teeth.